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Be Safe and have a Great Season

Happy Saturday To All!!!


We finally got that blanket of snow to make it look like deep winter in the Adirondacks!  

A total of between 14-16" fell in our general area.  The lake froze over about 30 hours before the 

storm dropped the snow, so it got a bit of a head start.  After the snow dumped, you could see all the slush spots, but it's been very cold since with negative temps at night (-7 this morning again at 8am)  So to be clear...The lakes look white and beautiful, but they are NOT safe at this point.

I myself drove a sled around the village, down to the Ballfield parking lot, Mountain market and up to Oak Mt.  Everything was very passable and nice but beware of hidden objects as this is the first snowfall and you need to be careful.  The River trail is still a no go at this point, so use the trail that runs behind the liquor store and storage building to access the  North to Perkins clearing.


Here is a rundown on what is going to be open and closed this season...


Perkins Clearing is 100% open!!!!

The "Pig Rock" trail that runs out of the new parking lot on 30 north down to the tree farm will be

CLOSED this season.  The parking lot is also closed. (logging)


Cave Hill Road will be CLOSED, however, Fly creek is open and the bridge connecting Fly Creek and Long Level/Elm Lake Road is fixed and we can groom across it now.

The are logging on Rob's Creek Road, So we will have a shared Road on old Route 30 from Cave Hill until Rob's Creek, then it will be all snowmobile trail the rest of the way South.

Silver Hill/Fish Hatchery Trail is open, so we still have a loop from tree farm to Perkins as Elm Lake will be open as well.  So we have the outer loop in Tree Farm also.


The Local maps from the Chamber were delivered yesterday with all of these changes on it!

Feel free to pick one up at any of the local businesses that advertise on it or at the Chamber office.  


Have fun, Happy and Safe Holidays to all.  


Rick Swift


D.R.A.G. of Speculator



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